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Staying Alive!

This ongoing group is designed to continue the process and learning you experienced at the Haven. Like-minded and interested people gather to breathe, connect, and practice their relational skills. It's a time to identify more clearly your patterns and choices that either lead to stuckness or support you into greater "aliveness" and all that comes with this state.

Monday evenings:
7:00 - 9:15 pm
302-2245 Broadway West, Vancouver, BC
$155 for 4 consecutive running sessions
$255 for 8 consecutive running sessions

Please call Cathy at 604.773.0629 to confirm details.

Breathe, Connect, Relate

A full day of practice! Synchronizing the energy and flow of the seasons and your life force, this group is offered once a quarter to support your attunement.

Dates to be announced.
$95 per session.

The Haven - On Gabriola Island:

Come Alive

Come Alive is an opportunity for revitalizing your life, discovering and activating your resources and realizing your full potential in your personal and professional life.

Come Alive is for you if you want to:

  • Experience the juiciness of living life more fully
  • Deepen your self knowledge and move beyond self-imposed limits
  • Open to and express deeper dimensions of feeling in ways which enhance your life and relationships
  • Gain valuable insights to strengthen your health and well-being
  • Learn and practice a transformative paradigm for communicating
  • Rediscover joy and meaning in life
  • Expand your capacity for harmonious,loving and fulfilling relationships

Upcoming dates:
September 18-23, 2016 Register
More dates to be announced soon.

For more information on the Come Alive program at The Haven, please click on the link below.

Coaching: Engaging Relationships

In this workshop you will learn communication and relational skills for enhancing dialogue. Fine tuning your ‘coaching conversation’ will facilitate accomplishing identified outcomes with teams at work and teams at home. The emphasis of this workshop is integrating the primary models of the Haven into "coaching interactions".

Next offering of this program to be announced.

For more information on this program at The Haven, please click on the link below.

Body Stories: Choices for Health

Over time our bodies reflect an accumulation of our experiences, beliefs, the stories we tell ourselves, and ways we cope. These have an effect on one of our greatest resources, our health.

This program will help you support and enhance your well-being if:

  • You are not comfortable in your own skin
  • You struggle with self-image and confidence
  • You avoid social situations because you "just don’t feel right"
  • Your doctor tells you that key health markers are changing
  • You want to make changes and are unsure of your next steps

Next offering of this program to be announced.

For more information on this program at The Haven, please click on the link below.

Communication Fundamentals

In this program you can explore ways to use the Haven Communication model effectively and to develop self-awareness and enhance your personal and work relationships. A wide range of other ideas and activities that complement and enrich the model are also introduced.

The program is for anyone who:

  • Wants to deepen intimacy
  • Struggles in discussing difficult issues
  • Wants to improve their work environment and productivity
  • Is training at The Haven and wants to strengthen their facilitation skills
  • Wants greater understanding and clarity in both casual and focused conversations
  • Wants greater self-awareness, particularly of habits/ triggers and their sources

New dates to be announced.

For more information on the Communication Fundamentals program at The Haven, please click on the link below.

Deep Listening

Upon request, after a Coaching: Engaging Relationships, Jennifer Hilton and Cathy designed this workshop which focuses on the "art of deep listening". In this workshop, come and explore the satisfying and fulfilling process of listening and connecting deeply. Understand and experience the relationships among curiosity, deep listening and connection.

For more information on this program, please contact Cathy at

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