As an emerging conversational style in our lives and workplaces, the 'new' coaching is very different from the coaching most of us have experienced on the sports field. This coaching is about creating a space for others in which they do their work and learning. It is about being there with the other person from a place of curiosity and heart. It is about supporting the other and participating in the exploration of personal patterns — life enhancing and life contracting. It's about bringing the full strength of being present and embodied — mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally — to be in support of others in their journey.

In an experiential setting, exercises, activities and group discussion explore bringing body, mind, spirit and emotion into focused conversations with others. Supervised practice coaching facilitates the learning of energy/body/mind based techniques. Immediate feedback, group dialogue and personal work support individual integration of the learning.

To the extent our life and work involve teaching, leading, managing, helping, parenting, enrolling, engaging, or just being in primary relationship — coaching conversations deepen contact and learning.

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